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TELLUS was started in 1972. The band originally consisted of young boys from the Heimdal area.

TELLUS quickly became one of Trondheim's most popular bands. The band played pop and dance music in all genres. The game missions were mainly in restaurants and at the venue in Trøndelag, but were also very popular in Møre and Romsdal. TELLUS was active in the period 1972-1985.

Among the members who played regularly in TELLUS for longer periods can be mentioned: Berit Nyheim (vocals), Svein Skjevik and Jan Bentzen (both drums) Tore Karlsen, Idar Furnes, Odd Hole and Roy Hoeggen (all guitar), Gunnar Hammer (bass), Ketil Vigdal (keyboard), Arne Hole, Åge Olsen (both vocals). In addition, at times there were a good number of substitutes in the band. TELLUS also released both LP and CD during their career.

After TELLUS' end in 1985, some of the members have kept the music going and have been in bands such as Vikings, Gluntan and local bands such as Grabbans, Carmen, Vargas. Today's TELLUS consists of 6 men, 4 of whom are from the original TELLUS and the music is now as then, taken from the "TELLUS PERIOD"

Crew 2024:
Arne Hole Vocals, guitar
Gunnar Hammer Bass guitar
Gunnar Lidahl Keyboard
Kjell Farstad Solo guitar, vocals
Svein Skjevik Drums, vocals
Tore Karlsen Rhythm guitar, vocals

NOK 100 entry. WELCOME!

Last Updated: 04/23/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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