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The Blues Stompers Jump - Ætermiddagsblues

The Blue Stompers Jump Review
This international band, based in Spain, was started in 2014.
Over the years, the band has become in a position to now play on some of the best stages in Spain and elsewhere in Europe. They have shared the stage with, among others, Wiko Johnson, Lil Ed and The Blues Imperials and Steve West Weston to name a few.
They have played with amazing artists such as Chad Strentz, Jim Hammond and Sister Suzie, thanks to La Casa Blues Herradura and Kevin Miller, original owner of Ain't Nothin' But Blues Bar in London, which they have often played in. The band is regulars along the coast in Spain and at Spanish festivals.
The band's frontman is Paul Stylianou from London. A fantastic harmonica player, singer and all round entertainer.
On guitar we find the incredible Victor "Elmore" Sanchez from Marbella. A unique musician who has played with some of the best, with his own style that is hard to replicate.
Marcus Duus from Finland is an experienced bassist who is highly respected not only in Finland but also in Spain.
Drummer Andy Mack is calm and inclusive. Highly recognized in the community, and he has a fantastic portfolio with his contribution to many good artists.
The Blue Stompers Jump Review writes its own songs and in 2022 released its first CD, "Never give up".
They are now working on their second album, "Back to School".

Last Updated: 05/05/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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