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The children's dance in BUL Nidaros


We have two groups, that have practice back-to-back on monday afternoons, the first starts at 5pm and the second at 6pm.

The family party is a group for children between 3-6 years of age, where the parents are with the child in the activity. Dancing, singing and games that suit the age group with a focus on joy and fulfillment. Time: 17.00-17.45

The children's group is a group for children aged approximately 7-12 years. At this age level, we focus more on learning more about certain dances (eg halling, reinlender). Play, variety and the joy of dancing are important.

Time: 18.00-18.45

Old and new child dancers are welcome! We remind you that you can come and try dancing with us once before enrolling in BUL.

Just get in touch on Facebook, or to

Last Updated: 01/11/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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