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The Eyepiece Tree

Installation, art camp and workshop with kunstpilotene in NygårdsparkenOn a lawm in Nygårdsparken, a mighty tree plays host to an Art installation with a lens-like construction on the tree trunk; an abstracted eyepiece like an eye in nature.Like a double mirror, one can look into the eyepiece and observe the tree trunk's wealth of detail, and from the other side, close to the tree trunk, look out into the nature of the park, at people walking dogs, children running and bare branches in the wind.You can participateLike a giant microscope, the Eyepiece Tree awaits objects of investigation; miniature figures made by you.You can create (and let the eyepiece examine) "anything" – figures inspired by nature; insects, animals, plants (dinosaur teeth, origami birds), or from the world of fiction; Sauron's eye (Lord of the Rings), Thumbelina (H.C. Andersen), or from the host tree itself; growths on the trunk, bark, mushrooms etcThe figures are exhibited as part of the Okular tree in the park and are registered in an object catalog – a small card index at the installation.The eyepiece tree invites a reflective consideration around this to "sit back and observe", just as the eyepiece lens in a microscope can help the eye to see small things that otherwise escape us. Or to evoke and make us curious and aware of place and surroundings; nature and culture.Where, what and when:Location: Nygårdsparken, upper part. Kulturpaviljongen.What: Installation workshop, art camp and exhibition with kunstpilotene in Nygårdsparken.Workshop and art camp: Sat 11.11, Sun 12.11, Sat 18.11, Sun 19.11, drop in at 12-3pm.Free. Dress for an outdoor workshop.Exhibition: 11.11.23 - 22.11.23Prod.: kunstpiloteneFunded by: Bergesenstiftelsen, Bergen municipality, Fana Sparebank, Sparebanken Vest.

Last Updated: 08/29/2023

Source: Visit Bergen

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