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The fight continues: Lecture on racism and fascism with Jonas Bals

Fascism is again on the rise. What can we do about it? In his book Våre kamper: mot rasisme og fascisme (2023), Jonas Bals asks us to open our eyes to Europe's new fascism. Here he wrote about racism and the roots of fascism, and in his new book the fight continues. Long lines are drawn, and never before has this story been more relevant. You may know him from heated debates in Klassekampen? Come and hear him speak at Buran library on Wednesday 20 November! Secure your free tickets at

About the author: Jonas Bals has written several books, and is a reviewer and columnist in Klassekampen. He is a trained painter and historian. Last year he published the book Våre kamper: mot rasisme og fascisme (2023), and this autumn he is coming out with the book The struggle continues: mot fascisme og racisme 1940 to the present day.

Last Updated: 07/08/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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