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The Freedom Room: Symposium on Socially Engaged Arts


Artists, musicians, community activists, therapists and teachers use arts practices in their work with individuals and groups across a range of public, community and institutional spaces. These socially engaged practices often seek to address illness and injustice by nurturing new formations of social solidarity and conditions of ecological and personal well-being. As such, they put into question relations and understandings of art and society, demanding room for the injured and the lonely.
Through engaging the concept of socially engaged arts, the symposium aims to explore meeting points and divergences across a range of art forms and practices which mobilize social and political imperatives through collaborative, participatory and inclusive ways of working. Bringing together a diversity of participants and practices, the symposium will open up for reflection on the nature of our artistic identities as performers, researchers, teachers, activists and therapists, and in what way art may deliver meaningful experiences and platforms for radical care.
The symposium will be held in English.
In partnership with Faculty for Art, Music & Design with the University of Bergen, The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the University of Stavanger.
Programme in BIKS
Thursday 24th May: Thematic: Separations
​​​​​12:00–13:00  Professional Development: Music Leadership Workshop led by Jessie Maryon Davies. Duration: 1 hr
13:15             Short Talk by Anna Helle-Valle. Duration: 15 mins     
13:30–15:15  Dance Performance: ​​​​​​I’ve Lost You Only To Discover That I Have Gone Missing. With Beatrice Allegranti  Dance Theatre and Jill Halstead. Duration: 1:45 (including 10 min break)
15:15–15:35  Short Talk: Last(ing) music- encounters with people in end-of-life care by Wolfgang Schmid. Duration: 20 mins
​​​​15:45–17:00  Professional Development: Music Leadership Workshop: Socially engaged practices and the dementias by Julian West. Duration: 1:15.
17:15             Food for Thought, Room for Conversation. Katrine Meisfjord​​​​​. Duration: ​1:45.
19:00             Keynote Presentation: Freedom as Radically Different Future. Jelena Petrović. Duration: 1:30
20:30             Performance: The Pirate Assembly. Brandon LaBelle. Duration: 1 hr.
Friday 25th May: Thematic: Ecologies, communities, agency
13:00–14:00  Workshop: Music and Communities. Dave Camlin. Duration: 1 hr
​​​14:15-14:45   Installation/performance: Common Notions (confusion resumes outside a few ​​​squaremeters). Sabine Popp. Duration: 30 mins
15:00–16:15  Dance Performance: SIKU AAPPOQ and Drought. Yggdrasil dance. Duration: 1:15
16:30             Food for Thought, Room for Conversation. Katrine Meisfjord. Duration: 1:30
19:00             Keynote Presentation: The dream that we have become one day. Mona Kealah. Duration:​​​ 1 hr
20:00             Performance- Frans Jacobi. Duration: 1 hr
21:00             Dance music from West, Southern, and East Africa. With DJ Tom. Duration: 1 hr.
Installation at BIKS Thursday 24 & Friday 25 May
Video Installation: The In Visible Society. Simon Gilbertson.
See also: Symposium programme Wednesday 23 May at Faculty for Art, Music & Design, the University of Bergen, in Møllendalsveien.

  • Last Updated: 04/19/2018
  • Source: Bergen Reiselivslag

Thu, May 24, 2018 12:00 PM 9:00 PM

Fri, May 25, 2018 1:00 PM 10:00 PM

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The Freedom Room: Symposium on Socially Engaged Arts
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