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The Hagen Quartet at the Oslo Opera House


Legendary chamber music performed by legendary sibling musicians.

Absolute silence often reigns in concert halls after the sounds of the string instruments of the Hagen Quartet have subsided. Experience the Hagen siblings’ interpretation of Ravel and Schubert on the Main Stage!

Let’s keep it in the family! 

The Hagen Quartet was created back in 1981 and consists of three of the Hagen siblings from Salzburg, in addition to violinist Rainer Schmidt. The ensemble has made a name for itself with a complex repertoire that spans the entire history of the string quarter, from early music from Hayden and Kurtág to newly written works. 

Young Ravel’s first masterpiece 

When the Hagen Quartet visits the Oslo Opera House for the first time, they will be performing Ravel’s String Quartet in F Major.  

Ravel’s quartet from 1903 is considered his first masterpiece, one that is strongly influenced by Debussy. This string quartet presents challenges to every ensemble in terms of both technical skill and interaction.   

Music by prescription 

After the intermission, another family member will be added to the Hagen Quartet ensemble, cellist Julia Hagen. Schubert’s String Quintet in C Major has also been called the Cello Quintet because it was written for an extra cello instead of two violas, the usual composition in string quintets. 

This piece was the last work written by Schubert before he died a month later in 1828. He most likely did not hear anyone perform it and the work remained unpublished for nearly 30 years. The quintet is described as simultaneously monumental, tender and intimate and has inspired some listeners to suggest that it should be offered on prescription. 

Last Updated: 05/25/2024

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