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The Little Mermaid // Olavshallen

With their own interpretation of the classic fairy tale, completely fresh and newly written music, imaginative costumes, exciting characters and an atmospheric scenography, Dröse & Norberg, Sweden's largest producers of family musicals, offer audiences in Norway an experience out of the ordinary. Get ready to be with above and below the sea in "The Little Mermaid - The Musical"

"The Little Mermaid - The Musical" takes place in today's times and the audience will get to meet both the classic characters and some new, slightly crazy types. Here is the mermaid's father, the sea king Moryn, her singing and dancing sisters as well as the sea witch Svetlana and her cronies Blob & Blob. Last but not least, the handsome and slightly weird human guy Olauv, who captures the little mermaid's heart.

“We have developed a script that offers a feast for all the senses. I want the audience to feel the underwater magic and become one with mermaids, fish and other exciting characters with and without gills. We aim to make the production a fantastic visual experience. A strong youth drama with lots of humour, accompanied by energetic newly written pop music", says Robert Dröse, screenwriter and director. Don't miss your chance to experience this enchanting adventure above and below the sea!

"The Little Mermaid" takes the stage with a talented 22-person ensemble where you can see Melodifestival star Kiana Blanckert in the lead role as The Little Mermaid. The actress, dancer and comedian Hilde Lyrån portrays the Mermaid's mother and Kenneth Engen takes on the role of the mermaid's lover. The actress and artist Anna Norberg plays the witch Kamtjatka crab Svetlana and the actor Joakim Nätterqvist takes the role of the sea king Moryn. Joakim is also current as a director and actor in the Norwegian outdoor musical theater "Eplene i Messehagen". TV-famous drag show artist Gabriel Fontana gives color and shine to one of the mermaid's sisters and Norway's rising star

STARRING: Kiana Blanckert, Hilde Lyrån, Kenneth Engen, Anna Norberg, Gabriel Fontana, Joakim Nätterqvist, Andreas Andersson, Fredrik Lexfors, Anna-Lill Karlberg, Christian Arnold, Elisa Bryant Tuvalisa Esping, Victoria Roxendal, Jacob Sibirzeff, Lauge Demant, Fernando Fuentes Vargas, Simon Ebbesson, Olivia Lorenz, Fanny Paulsson, Jesper Astinder, Carl Fredric Bengtsson, Johan Samuelsson Toloue

PRODUCTION Script and director: Robert Dröse Producer: Anna Norberg Costume design: Wilberth Gonzalez Producer: Anna Norberg

MUSIC: Theo Dröse, Matilda Winberg, Gustav Parling Text: Robert Dröse Set designer: Erik Fredriksson


External organizer: Dröse & Norberg, Sweden's largest producers of family musicals

Last Updated: 12/19/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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