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On 13th July Tromsø will host the first ever Midnight Sun match in Norwegian football.

Tromsø IL will play KFUM Oslo in the Norwegian Eliteserien (Norwegian Premier League) at the unsual time of 10.00 PM (22.00). With the match finishing around midnight, it will be the first ever top flight match in the world to be played under the midnight sun.

Get in with the locals and support Tromsø’s local team Tromsø IL in the top tier of Norwegian football, Eliteserien. There has rarely been more hype and excitement around football in Tromsø as Tromsø IL won their first medal in more than 10 years in the 2023 season and secured a spot in Europe, the continental UEFA knock-out tournaments. Excitement is therefore all time high as fans are eager to see if their local heroes can surprise yet again.

Tromsø IL plays their home matches at Romssa Arena (formerly Alfheim Stadion) only a 10-15 minute walk uphill from Tromsø city centre. The stadium has a total capacity of 6,691. For the 2023 season Tromsø IL had an average crowd of 4 846, meaning that it would pay to get your tickets early in order to secure tickets in the best sections. The most popular section is Felt (section) L, as this is where the various supporter groups Forza Tromsø, Álfheimar and more stand and create a vocal atmosphere in support for their team. Tromsø IL is a club for its supporters and local community, and therefore proud of the connection between the players and the fans.

Match: Tromsø IL - KFUM Oslo, Norwegian Eliteserien
Date: 13.07.2024
Time: 10.00 PM (22.00)
Where: Alfheim Stadion (Romssa Arena), Tromsø

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region

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