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The Playhouse Sessions

Don’t miss out when the Barokksolistene turn Dokkhuset into a 17th century London pub!The old alehouses often had makeshift stages where a lively mix of plays, music, dance, opera and juggling was performed. After decades of plague, civil war and prohibition, the people were ready for shows and entertainment! The Playhouse Sessions is the sequel to Barokksolistene´s huge success The Alehouse Sessions. The album was released last autumn and has been praised worldwide.Let’s have another round! - Early Music America, January 2023. ArtistsBarokksolistene:Bjarte Eike, violin and artistic directorFredrik Bock, guitarPer Buhre, violaJohannes Lundberg, double bassHelge Andreas Norbakken, percussionSteven Player, dance/guitarHans Knut Sveen, harmonium/harpsichordMilos Valent, violinTom Guthrie, lead vocals/violinBerit Norbakken, sopranoJudith-Maria Blomsterberg, celloIn collaboration with Dokkhuset Scene.

Last Updated: 06/23/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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