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The touring theater in Trøndelag: Instamamma // Midtre Gauldal


Instamamma is in a bubble of happiness at the very top of the influencer circus. She is perfect, and surrounds herself with an aura of glamor and sponsored happiness. The family are important pieces to create the perfect picture and Instamamma must constantly correct the youngest girl Sol to make her fit into the slightly narrow Instagram square.It is set up for an ever-so-small showdown between the influencer and his daughter when Sol's wishes collide with Instamamma's grandiose plans for a sponsored beauty birthday. Sol dreams of a 9th birthday with a long pancake, the bottle spout pointing and a pet as a gift. A perfectly normal birthday?! - a piece of debris in Instamamma's well-oiled business machinery. It's absolutely nothing for Instamamma's followers and besides, who wants to sponsor a normal birthday?With a humorous slant, Instamamma gives both children and adults the opportunity to rant about the influencers' media reality. How perfect is life when the cameras are turned off? And what is most important to Instamamma; Sun or the followers?

Last Updated: 08/31/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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