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The World of Hans Zimmer - A New Dimension


The World of Hans Zimmer returns to Oslo Spektrum, this time with the spectacular new show "A New Dimension".

Oscar-winning film music legend Hans Zimmer is known for the powerful, the beautiful, the dramatic and the moving. Hans Zimmer is putting together a brand new arrangement from his hugely diverse catalogue for these performances, which will take the audience on a unique musical journey. In 2019, The World of Hans Zimmer visited with the performance "A Symphonic Celebration", and mesmerised a sold-out Oslo Spektrum.

As before, Hans Zimmer himself will not be present on stage; he has the role of the show's curator and musical director. He says: "My ambition with this new show is to preserve orchestral culture and let the audience rediscover the unique facets of orchestral music. There are many background stories I would like to tell, and long-standing collaborators and friends I would like to introduce."

Film music conductor Gavin Greenaway - a long-time and trusted friend of the Hollywood composer - will continue to conjure the magic of Hans Zimmer's work for live audiences in 2024, alongside some of the most outstanding and recognised soloists from Zimmer's inner circle and an outstanding symphony orchestra.

With the music taking centre stage, audiences will also enjoy stunning visual projections of the film sequence alongside the music. Hans Zimmer's extraordinary compositions can be heard in films such as "Dune", "James Bond - No Time to Die", "The Lion King", "Gladiator", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Dark Knight trilogy", "Interstellar", "Last Samurai", and "Top Gun: Maverick" to name a few.

Last Updated: 04/21/2024

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