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Thee K-Otics + Ty-Grr!

Saturday 2 December. The lobby.
Doors open 20:00 - Concert starts 21:00.
Support: TBA. 18 years age limit.

Thee K-OTICS release party: "We The Thee"

Rock 'n' roll ain't dead! It is possible that it has support stockings and loose teeth, and a bowl of stuck-together caramels in the decorative shelf that collects dust, but lives... it really does. The garage rockers and protopunks Thee K-OTICS see themselves as living doctors in this context, and have a medicine cabinet bursting with influences.

The debut album "We The Thee" is a cure for both osteoarthritis in the soul and arthritis in the ear canal, disguised as an LP record. "For a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down" ... Suppositories were considered as a format, but then Westergaard Records from Trondheim did not get space for their logo on the product.

Now the Oslo band invites you to a large-scale party in their new hometown to celebrate this year's big record event - come along and kick the jam once and for all on December 2!

Ty-grr! things are now starting to really take off! They delivered an amazing concert during Eat The Rich at the end of August and are only getting better and better with each gig. The band consists of five Nordtrønders who sing polyphonically and play pop & rock with punch and drive. With the help of two fuzz guitars, drums, bass and a synth castle, they present new music with a wide range of genres while also having one foot well placed in the nineties' indie scene. Names like Dinosaur Jr. and Motorpsycho are often mentioned when people compare. But they are MUCH more than that... Lots of twists, melodies and harmonies!

Last Updated: 10/04/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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