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Time Thief + Malabari @ Good Omens

TIDSTYV is finally coming to Trondheim. They are lucky enough to get Trondheim's legendary hard rockers MALABARI. Places are tight here, so secure your ticket early. Ticket link coming…

TIDSTYV is "One of the country's most exciting rock bands of the day" wrote Checkpoint Charlie Stavanger when they arranged an early booking for Tidstyv.

With roots steeped in tradition in Norway's idyllic Westland, critically acclaimed Tidstyv comes at a wild speed. They deliver a catchy and unrestrained package that oozes energy and character. Fronted by Hanne Rye, from Nordfjordeid, this is based on a unique new sound rarely heard in rock. Just after their first released songs, they played at prestigious concerts such as Klubbøya, during Øyafestivalen 2023, warmed up for Bokassa at Vulkan Arena and played on a myriad of the country's biggest stages. They have received many good reviews from, among others, Ballade, Musikknyheter, Dagsavisen etc.

In March 2024, the long-sought-after debut album "Det Blir Bra Til Slutt" sees the light of day. Followed by an extensive Norwegian tour, and after a lot of radio listings and playlisting, there are strong hints from a music industry that closely follows "one of the country's most exciting rock bands of the day".

MALABARI is a brand new, explosive addition to Trondheim's music scene. With one foot planted in hard rock, the other in metal, there are almost no limits to what Malabari can come up with to serve. But what all the songs have in common are big guitars, thundering bass, huge drums and powerful vocals united in a hard-hitting but very melodic package.

Despite the band's short life, they have already made a name for themselves by winning the annual music competition TM:Live in 2022, as well as a sold-out release concert at Good Omens in April 2023, on the occasion of the release of their debut EP Welcome To Malabari. The EP has already garnered good words locally and not least internationally, including being called a "certified banger" by Glenn Fricker, better known from the well-known music production channel "SpectreSoundStudios.

2024 will be an active year for Malabari, culminating in the release of their upcoming debut album!

Last Updated: 04/01/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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