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Tom & Jerry og Chopin & Paganini


Tom & Jerry and Chopin & Paganini
At this concert, you'll see Tom & Jerry films on the big screen in the Small Hall in the Concert Hall. Three musicians create the music for the films along the way on piano, violin and percussion, i.e. improvisation! If you pay close attention, there will also be "hidden" melodies along the way that both young and old already know - in familiar cartoon music style. And in between the films, you'll meet Tom the cat on the constant hunt for Jerry the mouse!
The musicians will also combine Tom & Jerry with music by Chopin & Paganini. Exactly what you'll hear depends both on what happens in the film and the audience's response.
Ole Christian Haagenrud, piano, Stinius Maurstad, violin, Christian Lundqvist, percussion

Last Updated: 07/22/2024

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