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Tommy Høvik: "Winter Light"


«Vinterlys» ("Winter Light") is the title of both the exhibition and the only work produced in 2024. The remaining works were made in the period 2018–2022, and were shown under the title «Sank løv til et leie og kvist til et bål» ("Gather leaves for a bed and twigs for a campfire"). The works attempt to say something about what it means to be ready for the future today, mentally, ethically and in terms of preparedness. The exhibition reflects my own fears of a life turned upside down by war or escalating climate change. «Sank løv til et leie og kvist til et bål» was meant to be my farewell exhibition to this black-painted mindset, both in my life and in my art. The desire for a constructive change of focus arose when I was about to become a father to a little girl, and I saw the necessity of untangling myself from the dystopian bubble that had long put a damper on my hopes and dreams for the future. Two years later, the world has become a darker place. But the light that my daughter and the new family life provides, is reflected in me.


Last Updated: 03/08/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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