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Trønderfest in Dødens dal

Place: Dødens dalDoors: 18.00Price: Member 350 / non member 450Age limit: 18 year----------------------------------------------------------------------On October 17th, the two Norwegian legends D.D.E. and Dag Ingebrigtsen are coming to UKA. Two years ago, they stirred up excitement in Dødens dal and now they're back to create an unparalleled party! Of course, there's no Trønderfest without the iconic D.D.E. and songs like "E6," "Det går likar no", "Rompa mi", "Det umulige e mulig» and «Det fine vi hadd sammen". These are songs many people know, songs that bring back memories, and songs that will put vocal chords to the test. None other than Dag Ingebrigtsen is also coming to liven up the UKE tent. Dag has created a series of legendary hits such as "Forelska i lærer’n», «Vil du værra’ med mæ hjæm i natt», «Drums of war», «Harley Davidson», «Seven Seas», and the Rosenborg song. Ælgsæter Tramp & Trøkk, often refferd to as Trondheims most lively liveband, will also come to make a party the trønder way. UKA just isn't the same without Trønderfest! Get out your leather vest, checkered shirt, moccasins, mustache, and RBK scarf. Let the "harry" factor take over and unleash your inner Trønder! Show up for an unforgettable party. Ticket sales start on August 31st, and it's important to be quick to secure tickets for this year's "party all the way until the sun rises" event!

Last Updated: 08/30/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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