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Trondheim Jazzforum - Ingrid Lode: Many small streams

Ingrid Lode - Many small streams"A mid-life account will probably be taken in, but the lyrics tell about life lived - as I see it where I am - in life exactlynow. Love between two, mother's love, loss of a loved one, where should I put down roots, are themes I dwell on in my songs."During the exceptional time (covid period), I reflected thoroughly on my life, and was overwhelmed by an inner turmoilI have not known before. As a musician and mother of young children, I asked myself many questions about whatI will continue to pursue and what goals I want to set. The answers didn't come by themselves, but I knewwhich musicians I wanted to bring in to shape the songs. I started by writing six personal texts, something like thisit is meeting a friend on the street in passing - exchanging brief summaries of the situation before rushing on.Then it came naturally to me to sing in Norwegian, and my own dialect (outer Romsdalsk)The album consists of six tracks with three introductions to three of the songs. The songs are composed with that in mindthe jazz standard tradition and is a warm salute to it.The music is written and produced by Ingrid Lode.Recorded in November 2021, mixed and mastered by Conor Patrick Johannesen.The musicians have been carefully chosen with the musical expression in mind. Here I have been able to choose from the top shelfprofessional musicians in Trondheim. The music is primarily playful and sound-based, characterized by activelistening interaction.Crew:Ingrid Lode - vocalsJovan Pavlovic - accordionBjørn Marius Hegge - bassMarianne Baudouin Lie - celloPetter Vågan - guitarDoors open at 19.30, the concert starts at 20.00Trondheim Jazzforum is supported by the Norwegian Culture Council, Trondheim Municipality, Midtnorsk Jazzsenter, and Norsk Jazzforum

Last Updated: 08/13/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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