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TrondheimFOLK: Corridors

Are you ready for a folk music party of new dimensions? TrondheimFOLK and Dokkhuset join forces with Søndre Trondhjem's spell team and Trøndelag folk music team to bring the fireworks Walk to Trondheim! It will be hard, fat, danceable and new when the quintet Gangar fills Dokkhuset to the brim with old mows in brand new clothes, and with a brand new record in their luggage. Snautrinda Spelemannslag play up to a jam and dance after the concert, so there's no reason to stay at home here!The folk rock band Gangar is a ball of young energy that you won't soon forget! Gangar combines traditional melodies with Rock, Metal and Jazz, creating a new and exciting musical expression in the process. Inspired by bands such as AC/DC, Hoven Droven, and Meshuggah, they make Norwegian folk music available to a general audience, without compromising on tradition. Frontman and fiddler Mattias Thedens comes up with the melodiesold recordings, and then they are arranged together, where the band members' different musical backgrounds add the extra powder that takes the party to a new level. All of this is linked by aformidable live show filled with energy, audience interaction and dancing, which guarantees an evening of high musical quality, as well as getting the dancing feet of all the audience alive.Aisles are:Mattias Thedens - Harding fiddle/flat fiddleErik Egge Jordheim (substitute) - SaxRichard Max - GuitarJonas Thrana Jensen - BassHenrik Dullum - Drum setThe event is part of the spellman event this weekend under the auspices of Søndre Trondhjem's spellmanslag, Spellmannslaget Laust og fast and Trøndelag folk music team.Photo: Chris Casp

Last Updated: 07/07/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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