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UKErevyen 2023

UKErevyen is Norway's largest student revue, and in October, the 110 year old tradition will once again fill Storsalen with laughter and song! The history of the revue began in 1913 and in 1917 it became the start of the cultural festival UKA. Thus, UKErevyen is considered by many to be the heart of UKA. From 1917 to today, much has changed, but except for the occupation years of 1941 and 1943, students have staged a revue every other year. In line with the development of the student city of Trondheim, UKErevyen has transformed from being a semi-improvised performance into a revue with a high level of artistry and technical expertise. Around 200 volunteers have worked day and night to create a delightful mixture of humor and playfulness! True to tradition, the contents of UKErevyen are kept secret until the opening of UKA on October 5th. At midnight, the name of the revue and festival, "UKEnavnet," is unveiled. However, we can reveal that it will be a festive performance, filled with humor, spectacular costumes, music, impressive stagecraft, and sets. Perhaps there will also be some surprises?We hope UKErevyen 2023 makes the audience laugh until Storsalen vibrates, as well as the rest of the city. Maybe you as a spectator will also experience other emotions and shed a tear when the curtain falls? UKErevyen is performed in Storsalen almost every day during UKA and is a central part of the festival program. Come and feel the vibrations with us in Storsalen - see you there!

Last Updated: 09/13/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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