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Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir & Panja Göbel: TECHNOFLESH


"WHERE DOES A BODY END? - Martin Palmer

In the speculative vistas of a future where our digital and physical selves merge to forge a new hybrid existence, we encounter a profound philosophical quandary: as our physical form adapts and integrates technological enhancements, are we ascending to a higher state of being, or are we losing the very essence that defines us as human? What remains when we blend seamlessly with our digital avatars, and the physical body is no longer our general medium for having a world?

As technology interweaves itself into the core of our being, we evolve – or perhaps mutate – into a new ontological category. The digital and biological are indistinguishable. We have lost sight of the clear distinction between mind and body, and now, by extension, between reality and virtuality.

The Cartesian dualism that has long dominated my Western mind is dead.

In this new era, the dialogue of existence will be conducted not through words, but through the metaphysical fusion of biology and technology, which will not only change how we interact with the world but also how we fundamentally perceive and understand it.

Enter TechnoFlesh.

The boundaries between private and public digital identities become fluid, blurring the line between internal and external realms, between self and the other.

We are projecting echoes of our digital desires.

In a world where our bodies can be dissected, digitized, and disseminated, what remains of our private selves when our identities are increasingly public and scrutinized? What does visibility mean for the sanctity of our private selves? Are you a spectacle for the voyeuristic gaze of the digital other? I am."

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Last Updated: 04/30/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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