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Vibro Kings - Afternoon Blues

Jørn Kjonerud's VIBRO KINGS are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

After three albums and close to 300 concerts, Vibro Kings are celebrating their 20th anniversary of releasing a live album, and of being active in 2024. The band, which is Jørn Kjonerud's blues project, will play a number of concerts throughout the year. The report will consist of songs from the three own albums, while some of the band's sources of inspiration will be paid tribute to.

The band currently consists of Jørn Kjonerud guitar/vocals, Tom Arne Fossheim drums, and Vidar Tyriberget bass.

Jørn Kjonerud is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and artist based in Moelv. He has contributed to a number of bands such as Lomsk, Prestolite´s, Pål sine haner, and has played with, among others, Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow and Deep Purple etc.

Tom Arne Fossheim on drums was a permanent member of Ken Hensley's band from Uriah Heep, and has played with everything from Anita Hegerland to Alice Cooper etc.

Vidar Tyriberget regularly plays with Trond Svendsen and Tuxido and has played with Erik Faber and Jan Teigen, among others.

The debut album "55" was recorded in England in March 2004 and released to good reviews the same year. The release of the album "Dedication" in 2007 established the band on the Norwegian blues scene. The inspiration for the record is taken from a study trip that Jørn had to Mississippi in the USA and the blues roots there. The tour was shown as the TV series "Calling Elvis" on TV Inlandet in the autumn of 2007. Lars Christian Narum from the Hellbillies on keyboards, among others, is on the record. The last album for the time being "Backfire" came in 2011 and was characterized by the band's 50s influences.

Last Updated: 02/05/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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