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Viggo Venn: One More Time Tour // Olavshallen

Viggo Venn invites you to a laugh-filled adventure in his first tour of Norway!

After taking Britain by storm with his unique comedic talent, Viggo is now ready to spread joy and laughter across our country.

Viggo Venn is the colorful and boundary-pushing clown who won the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide with his unforgettable performance on Britain's Got Talent.

Viggo has gone from being an unknown comedian to winning national recognition as one of Britain's most acclaimed comedians. Since the victory in BGT Viggo has performed on stages in England, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and has performed for the British royal family.

He can't wait to take you and yours on a laugh-filled journey you'll never forget. Don't miss your chance to see this show live!

It will be an evening filled with laughter, absurd and unforgettable moments for the whole family.

"I've never met an artist like you in my entire life, I have to admit, I really love you very much," - Simon Cowell.

Get ready for the show and put on the reflective vest One More Time!

Last Updated: 12/21/2023

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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