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Why it's Special - Trond-Viggo and Else // BYSCENEN

After full houses and stormy cheers all over the country for several years, Trond-Viggo is finally coming to Trondheim with the improv show Why? - and the guest this time is Else Kåss Furuseth!

It has been called fakir theatre, extreme theater sport and mental bungee jumping. And one thing is certain:
Trond-Viggo and Else's show is not for actors who stick to scripts and hate improvisation.

But the concept is very simple:
Trond-Viggo and Else take the stage and talk a bit about health in general and the body in particular - based on the role of doctor and patient respectively. Then it is also open to questions from the audience, and the audience is encouraged to ask absolutely anything they might wonder about - yes, precisely - the body.

On Tuesday 27 August, the show comes to Trondheim and Byscenen!

"Of course we are nervous, but that is also part of the charm, that this is not completely "safe", says Trond-Viggo, and continues:
"The starting point is that people want to have fun, and that makes everything much easier. We run a very informal show and once we've connected with the audience, I don't think it matters that much if we're in a dining hall, theater hall or in a pub somewhere out in the countryside. But fear us, we always do, says Trond Viggo, who, despite his fear, is very much looking forward to Byscenen in August.

Someone who has no reason to fear is the public. To take full advantage of the oracle's potential on stage, it may pay to prepare some questions in advance. When the performance is well under way, the laughter can make it difficult to think clearly.

Price: NOK 395 + tax
Seated show
The doors open at 19.00
Concert start at 8 p.m
More info:

Last Updated: 06/13/2024

Source: Hva skjer kalender

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