Ådnahove is located in Nordmarka, north of Tau, and has a lean-to shelter, benches, a firepit and beautiful view of the water and islands around like Fogn, Rossøya, Talgje og Rennesøy.

Ådnahove, Strand Kommune, Ryfylke

Nice and easy trip that fits most people, including families with children.

This area contains lots of trails that all ends up at the same place. There is a small gravel road that goes from the parking and down to Tøgjevågen where it's nice to swim during the summer or light a bonfire during the months (September to April) it is allowed to do so.

There are 3 different trails that goes to Ådnahove from the parking. One forest path to the right about 100 meters from the parking, one across the small bridge in Tøgjevågen and on to the right in between the two first paths called Atle Alleen

We recommend the first path to the right 100 meters from the parking. Keep right the whole time and you will get a nice round trip. After about 20-30 minutes there will be a postbox with a book you can write your name and date in. Follow the signs to Ådnahove where there is a sign.

If you keep right the way back you will get to Tøgjevågen and the gravel road that takes you back to the car.

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


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