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The joy of cultivation, aesthetics and short-distance raw materials are a common term among Åkerkvinnene.

Åkerkvinnene has their location along the Brunlanes coast (between Stavern and Helgeroa).

Åkerkvinnene consists of Ingunns hage, Søndre Grevle, Skjærgårdshagen, Lillavendel, Kryssgaarden and Grønn Glede.

Søndre Grevle
Søndre Grevle has both vegetable fields and strawberry fields, and free-range pigs that roll around, play, dig themselves down, and enjoy life. They grow up in the forest and enjoy the summer with roots and strawberries.

On the farm you will also find a yellow farm shop, which is the heart of the farm, with a large selection of tasty vegetables and strawberries from its own field and meat from the open-air borders. Local food from small producers is also sold, as well as fruit and other vegetables from Brunlanes.

On the farm, they love all seasons, and the selection in the farm shop follows this. From new potatoes and fresh cabbage, to summer strawberries, autumn vegetables, to Christmas food from the free-range pigs.

Ingunnshage is open during the summer season, and here the joy of gardening will be shared with you. An inspiring garden walk is arranged where you can enjoy beautiful surroundings and get ideas for your own garden room. Inside the garden you will also find a small greenhouse shop with small interior treasures, flower pots and decor. In addition, local artists will exhibit their art in the "little gallery" in the courtyard.

At Kryssgaarden you will find a farm sale where you can buy organic apples, red juicy Celina pears, raspberries, apple juice and outdoor cucumber directly from the field. Kryssgaarden is concerned with being able to offer several varieties of berries and fruits that provide variety of flavours and areas of use.

Kryssgaarden offers self-picking berries for visitors, but if you prefer to order the berries, you can do so. Kryssgaarden also offers self-picking of conventional sweet corn and outdoor cucumber.

Lillavendel is a farm country store and cafe. Lillavendel has its own production of skin care, soaps, fragrance oils and candles from natural ingredients. During the summer season, the shop is full of short-distance vegetables, unique foods and events such as alpaca hiking.

On an alpaca hike, the trip is based on the animals' premises. The alpacas at Lillavendel have will and personality. The tour takes approx. 1 hour, and you will be accompanied by someone from the farm who knows the animals well. You can read more about alpaca hiking at Lillavendel. 

At Lillavendel, they love to gather people to create experiences and gatherings on the farm. It offers courses in everything from cooking to other creative productions where you have the opportunity to make your own skin products. Read more about the courses here.

Grønn glede
Grønn glede, green joy, has a summer shop and Christmas shop at Anvikstranda camping. Grønn glede is an organic producer of Eucalyptus and green ornamentals. You can order wreaths from Grønn glede, or you can attend courses at Grønn glede where you learn to make wreaths yourself.

Skjærgårdshagen is a farm with production of organic vegetables, cut flowers and edible flowers. When you walk in the archipelago garden, you will feel peace and happiness. Skjærgårdshagen delivers a large selection of edible flowers and plants that can be used to decorate and flavor the dishes. Enjoy lavender, pansy, violets, cloves, marigold, watercress, roses, daylily, tulips, lilacs, cornflowers and much more.

The network is run by six enterprising women who all have in common that they offer unique products and sensory experiences. With each individual company, Åkerkvinnene wants to put Brunlanes on the map with a variety of products and services, events, farm shops, gardens and cultivation culture.

You will find more information about each of them on their website Åkerkvinnene, with links to websites with opening hours and address.

Source: Visit Vestfold



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