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Åkrafjordtunet café

Åkrafjordtunet is situated just off the E134 at Teigland, next to the Åkrafjord. It has a shop, café, accommodation, charging station and tourist information.

The café is lovely and bright and can seat 140 people. You can enjoy a traditional Norwegian dinner while admiring the views of the fjord and mountains from the café’s many windows. The Åkrafjord region is famous for its food traditions, and the café is now famous for its excellent cuisine. There is also a large, licensed outdoor restaurant with panoramic views. The quality of goods and services, along with good parking and large toilet facilities, make Åkrafjordtunet an excellent place to stop for anyone passing through by road.

‘The true lover of Western Norwegian food has no option but to head for Åkrafjordtunet.’ From the book ‘A Roadguide to Eating in Western Norway’ by Erling T. Gjelsvik.

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Åkrafjordtunet café

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