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Ålesund - Alnes Lighthouse round trip

Experience the beautiful view over Ålesund from Mount Aksla, Alnes lighthouse, Giske medieval church and Molja lighthouse with Royal Tur city sightseeing.

Royal Tur will take you on a fantastic sightseeing tour where we drive all the way out to the big sea. Here are opportunities to go inside the lighthouse and Alnes Visitor Center, where you can also buy a cup of coffee and local food. In Ålesund there is a stop at Ålesund mountain view point Aksla. Enjoy the panoramic view over Ålesund and the islands surrounding the region.

About the trip - history and culture

Welcome to the heart of beautiful Norwegian nature. With the sea on all sides, nicely located and surrounded by mountains we find beautiful Ålesund - the art nouveau town, which is like taken from a fairy tale book.

In the first stop we see Ålesund town from the top of the mountain Aksla, with panoramic views of the town, surrounded by sea and mountains. Driving through the streets of Ålesund you will see the old houses that survived the city fire in 1904, and the new ones that were rebuilt in art nouveau style.

From Ålesund, there are 3 underwater tunnels to Alnes and Alnes lighthouse. An adventure journey in reality, an unique experience even for Norwegians. On this tour you will see old farms, narrow roads, mountains with snowcapped peak and it is simply unforgettable. We take short stop to admire beautiful Alnes before we go to Alnes lighthouse. The most beautiful sunsets are experienced here. The lighthouse has fully operated for boats and ships on Alnes since 1853.

After visiting Alnes, the tour continues back to Ålesund. But first there is a stop at Giske - the historical viking island. Here we find Giske Church that was built in 1130. This church is the only one in Norway that is built in marble and is still in use.


- Entrance to Alnes Visitor Centre
- Aksla Viewpoint
- Bottle of mineral water


1. Alesund, Alesund mountain view, More og Romsdal, Western Norway
Driving time 15 minutes Experience the beautiful view over Ålesund from Aksla mountain, By the view square you will experience the beautiful city everyone is fascinated by. Here you can see 360 degrees around. The weather is changing and it is just as beautiful in all kinds of weather. Here is as much as the eyes can see, from the surrounding islands, boats passing by. And the mountains that still have snow on the peaks. The cute little lights in the houses when it gets dark. come memories of an adventure in reality, and the most beautiful sunsets we also see here the sun slowly sinks into the sea , everything turns orange. for an experience in reality. And sunrises you see the sun light up house after house. Ålesund is beautiful around the clock. Amazing view. 10 minutes, Admission is free.

2. Alesund, Alesund Waldehuset, More og Romsdal, Western Norway

Driving time 15 minutes Waldehuset was the only house in the eastern part of the town that did not burn down during the town fire on 23 January 1904. The entire town of Ålesund was on fire. Waldehuset was located in the middle of a large area with wooden houses, but was the only one that came unscathed from the flames. Come and hear the incredible story of the Miracle House in Aalesund. Pass by without stopping.

3. Alesund, Alesund city, More og Romsdal, Western Norway
Driving time 10 minutes We drive through the city in many streets, We see the beautiful houses, and we drive over the famous Hellebroen, on the other side of the city. The beautiful Brosundet that divides the city in two out to the lighthouse in the city On the night of January 23, 1904, a terrible fire broke out through Ålesund, and in the course of 16 hours, 850 houses burned to the ground, leaving 10,000 people homeless. Most of the town center had been rebuilt as early as 1907. The architects inspired by both national romantic impulses as well as the modern building style of the time in Europe; Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau.The buildings are characterized by towers, spiers and imaginative and colorful ornaments, and it is important to look up in the streets, so that you can see the small details that make it all so special. Ålesund is today widely known for its unique architecture and has a unique place in Norwegian and international architectural history. Pass by without stopping.

4. Brosundet i Alesund, Alesund Molja lighthouse Norway
Driving time 10 minutes Molja lighthouse is a lighthouse in Ålesund. The lighthouse stands at the far end of the pier at the entrance to Ålesund. This is also Norway's oldest pier. Today's lighthouse is from 1937. Automated in 1982. But there have been lighthouses here since 1858. Today the lighthouse has been converted into a hotel room with room service. In all kinds of weather, this is fascinating, and the most beautiful sunsets we can experience from here. From this part of Ålesund the fishing boats came in. Outside here are the rich fishing grounds. In the old days of the 1950s, the entire Brosundet was crowded with fishing boats that sought shelter from the weather or delivered their fish. The lighthouse showed the way in safely, but also for boats that passed Ålesund. 10 minutes, Admission included.

5. Aalesund Church, Kirkegata 22, Alesund 6004 Norway

Driving time 10 minutes Aalesund beautiful church was built in 1909. The old church was built in 1854 and burned down in the city fire in 1904. The beautiful church we see today has 800 seats. The stone used comes from the areas around Krisiansund a little further north of Aalesund. The church is located on Apøya on a hill above the city, and can both be heard and seen from most of the city. Pass by without stopping.

6. Alnes, Alnes view, Giske Municipality, More og Romsdal, Western Norway
Driving time 20 minutes. View point to beautiful Alnes and alnes lighthouse. We see the lighthouse in the middle tightly surrounded by the houses. The high mountains on one side and the open sea as far as you can see on the other side. Beautiful and mighty nature. We are close to the sea here, and hear it whistling in the fresh sea air out here. We see the waves breaking over the rocks, some rocks are huge and it's fascinating to think about where they come from. A beautiful untouched nature. Alnes lighthouse now limits entry to only 8 people at a time, and that is only at fixed times. Travelers get to see the magnificent lighthouse from the outside, but not the opportunity to go inside. 5 minutes, Admission is free.

7. Alnes Lighthouse, Stiftelesen Alnes Fyr, Alesund 6055 Norway

Driving time 5 minutes We drive along the high stone wall that will protect the houses from big waves in bad weather. The narrow road leads us around the island and opens up the landscape. Feel the fresh sea air when we go out. It's so beautiful out here. The lighthouse has fully operated for boats and ships on Alnes since 1853..Her Majesty the Queen of Norway opened the new visitor center at Alnes Lighthouse on October 7, 2016. and has an exciting, new signal building - which is barely visible in the terrain. In order for the new visitor center to fit in with the surroundings and the existing facility, large parts of the 700 square meter building have been dug into the ground. The artists Ørnulf Opdahl and Sidsel Colbjørnsen, who live on site, have donated an art collection that will serve as a basic exhibition. The Queen have been here many times, seen drawings and followed from the sidelines, the Queen could tell. And she praises this beautiful place. Beautiful and weatherproof. Toilet stop. 30 minutes, Admission included.

8. Giske Kirke, Giske, Alesund 6052 Norway

Driving time 10 minutes GISKE is called Norway's birthplace. The home of the most powerful families in Norway. The Giske family was powerful for many hundreds of years, , four brothers of the mighty Giske family. They were among the king of Norway's men. They followed the king closely, Giske medieval church was built in the year 1130 as a family chapel for the powerful Giske family of descendants of the ancestor Torberg Arnason. His daughter Tora became Queen of Norway. The church has approx. 130 seats.It is the oldest church in this part of Norway almost 900 years old. The whole church are made of marble, as the only in Norway. The marble comes from other places in Norway and from Italy. in Europe, The church is not open to see inside, but we get to hear the exciting story of the medieval church, and experience it from the outside and walk around it Small crosses have been carved on the outer walls around the year 1300 by pilgrims on special days of the year which we see clear. 10 minutes, Admission included.

9. Alesund, Alesund, More og Romsdal, Western Norway

Driving time back to the cruise pier is 20 minutes and end of the tour. 5 minutes, Admission is free.

Practical information

The tour is 1st class with an exclusive 16 seated minibus with the best comfort and panoramic windows, for the best views. Comfort and quality are our brand. Local driver and guide that lives here all year!

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Ålesund - Alnes Lighthouse round trip

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