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Ålesund guest marina - Brosundet

Ålesund region port authority provides their own guest marina for yachts in their inner harbour. The guest marina lies in the heart of Ålesund and here you have all facilities a yacht needs for a pleasured stay.

Welcome to Brosundet Guest Marina - A harbor you will enjoy!

The guest harbor has a power connection, fresh water filling and free WiFi. Emptying the septic in the inner harbor is prohibited. The rules state that one must at least 300 meters from land for such rubbish can be freely delivered to the stand at the floating docks.

Fire security

Fire safety is important for the port system and we recommend that no more than 5 boats are moored side by side and that open zones between the boat rows are respected. Boats must avoid "sealing" in the inner harbor and there must always be at least 15 meters of free passage. This is because two speedboats, the lifeboat and the professional fishermen, operate inland.

Tranquility in the harbor is important for a good night's sleep and we urge all happy boaters to respect people's night's sleep.

Port fee

Port fee (per day) payment is now only with Gomarina. For payment by card or cash, contact the port guards at tel. +47 958 83 400.

Power connection, water filling and WiFi are included in the price. In case of non-payment in the guest harbor, a penalty fee of NOK. 500, - per day in addition to the actual remuneration for recreational boats.

Short stays

For shorter stays we refer to "Softisbrygga" at Skateflua, which is a free pier in the center of Ålesund for those who are only looking for soft ice cream, sausages or a quick shopping trip in the center. Worth noting is that the jetty is only intended for short-term mooring with a maximum of one hour of lying time. Leisure boats that want to stay longer than an hour or will stay overnight mooring as usual in Brosundet Guest Harbor. This is only a trial scheme and in case of abuse the scheme will be removed. We therefore encourage all boat owners to show respect for each other and to respect a maximum of 1 hour of lying time. It will then benefit as many people as possible.

We welcome all guests and if you have any questions just contact us, by phone +47 70 16 34 10 or +47 958 83 400

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Ålesund guest marina - Brosundet

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