Ålesund Litterature festival: Yaël Pericard - Born for adventure

Join Yaël Pericard's amazing travel stories from the whole world.

NTNU student Yaël Pericard takes his fellow students and others on a journey around the world, with the help of travel stories.

Yaël Pericard is from a village south of Lyon and has studied at NTNU in Ålesund. Despite his young age he has traveled the world, with an ambition to visit all countries in the whole world. Some of his travel stories are written down in the book "Born for adventure".

"I spent all of my childhood in Drôme and in Ponsas to be precise, a village less than an hour south of Lyon. The desire to travel did not interest me very much at this time, because I greatly appreciated my comfort zone, but everything changed when I was 19. With Nicolas Lermoyer, a childhood friend, we decided to take our first independent trip together, and we went to Sweden. This trip changed my life. The discovery of freedom, needing to manage a budget, the curiosity, the adventure .. From the very first day of this trip, a seed was planted in me, and a desire to travel the world has never left. I gradually began making other short trips around Europe and the desire continued to grow. I saw the great benefits that travel was bringing to me, and I said to myself: “Why not visit all the countries of the world?»

Last updated: 09/07/2023

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Ålesund Litterature festival: Yaël Pericard - Born for adventure

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