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Åsnes Finnforest snowmobile

Åsnes Finnskog Snowmobile Club works closely with the tourism industry in the region. Through this collaboration, they can help offer complete packages for those who want to go to Åsnes to experience snowmobiles.

The 3 routes in Åsnes:

Losmyra - Turn over

Velta - National border (German) southern route

Velta - National border (Vermundsjøen) northern route
18.8 km

You can download a complete map as a PDF or Image file

Practical info:

The scooter trail is open from 07:00 to 22:00

The maximum speed limit is 70 km/h

Resting can take place up to 30m from the scooter trail

Helmets are required for both driver and passenger

Everyone who is going to use the trails for pleasure driving with a snowmobile must buy a trail pass

This product has yet to be professional translated, until then a machine translation has been provided.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Åsnes Finnforest snowmobile

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