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Ørin Nature Reserve

Ørin Nature reserve was established in 1993 to preserve a distinctive are with sea buckthorn and beach meadow. The site covers an area of about 490 acres and is located on the south side of the outlet to Verdalselva river into the Trondheimsfjorden between E6 and the industrial park in Verdal.

Ørin nature reserve is part of the Trondheimsfjorden wetland system. The outflow of the Verdal river is the only major, somewhat intact river delta in North Trøndelag's part of the Trondheim Fjord. Generally, there are few such areas left in Norway. There are 13 individual sites on the southeast side of the Trondheim Fjord which is protected under the Ramsar Convention. Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands that have international importance for water birds.

Kausmofjæra beach bird conservation area was established in 2003 in connection with Ørin nature reserve. Ørin with Kausmofjæra beach and surrounding areas are Trøndelag's richest location for migratory birds in terms of diversity and number of species in a limited area. There are over 200 species of birds recorded here and many in fairly substantial number. Ørin is also a valuable nesting ground, moulting site and wintering ground for many bird species.

Ørin is a paradise for birdwatchers, with several bird watching towers in the vicinity of known habitats with high diversity.

Ørin also have other qualities in addition to being an important wetlands area. The inner part of Ørin nature reserve has one of the largest deposits of sea buckthorn in Norway, which is the municipal flower of Verdal. The area where the Verdal river runs into the Trondheimfjord is very rich in benthic fauna and it is an important marine nursery area for several fish species living in the Trondheimfjord. Verdal river is one of Norway's best salmon rivers. There is also a large population of hares, a permanent population of otters, red fox are often in the area and if you like spiders you can, if you're lucky, find the great and rare spider Arctosa cinerea.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Ørin Nature Reserve

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