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2. Bicycle ride around Romerike, Jessheim- Eidsvoll 1814 roundtrip

Bicycle ride from Jessheim to Eidsvoll 1814

Eidsvoll 1814 is an important historical place for Norway. This round trip provides a varied bicycling experience with a historical buzz and goes both on asphalt and nice forest roads.

Tour description

From Jessheim, this tour starts by following the signs for National bicycle Route 7. It is an easy bicycle ride on pavement and bicycle path. Quickly you will pass Nordbytjernet which is a very popular outdoor area with a swimming lake, workout area, kiosk and restroom.

The bicycle ride continues north, and the surroundings vary between forest and open landscape with fields and meadows. At Mogreina church there is a lovely view over Lake Hersjøen. After that you will reach Dal and cross river Risa.

Passing the center of Råholt you will find shops and indoor swimming pool. The next stop is the Eidsvoll building - the goal of the trip! This historic place, has been very important to the nation of Norway and can offer exhibitions, activities and a cosy cafe. There is also plenty of picnic areas for those who want to sit down and enjoy their lunch.

On the way back you cross river Andelva several times. In this part it is quite hilly terrain and you bicycle on country roads with moderate to little traffic. Alternatively, the same route can be followed back via Råholt if you prefer less slopes and more pedestrian- and bicycle path.

One of the highlights of the return trip is the forest roads just after Dal. It starts on the other side of the barrier from Sætreveien and quickly it goes into the forest. It is quite flat on nice hiking trails. Small ponds constantly appear, you are passing one or two farmyards, and it is lovely and calm.

Passing Hauerseter there is asphalt for a few kilometres and a divided road, but with little traffic. The gravel roads soon continue again and please look for blueberries and raspberries on the roadside. A special experience is bicycling through the fields on the raised gravel road at Nordbymoen.

The last part to Jessheim is on a pedestrian- and bicycle path. This is a day trip that is diverse and suitable for most people who are intermediate bicyclists.

There are many train stations on the route, so it can start and end in several places - Jessheim, Hauerseter, Dal and Eidsvoll Verk.

Fact box

Start/end point: Jessheim train station

Distance: 50 km round trip

Time: approx. 4-5 hours round trip

Total number of altitude meters: approx. 500

Surface: 75% asphalt, 25% gravel

Rating: Medium

Bicycle type: All bicycles except road bicycles

Safety: Pedestrian- and bicycle path

Season: April - October


This route was last tested in July 2022. Changes and deviations may occur in service offerings, road standards, traffic volumes and traffic patterns.

Link to digital map and navigation:

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


2. Bicycle ride around Romerike, Jessheim- Eidsvoll 1814 roundtrip

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