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4 days whale and northern lights safari

This tour is conducted by Northern Yachting. 4 days, packed with experiences and activities. Do you want to experience Northern Norway from its best side? On this trip we take you out in our exclusive catamaran, where activities are non-stop.

Destination for the tour: Tromsø - Lenangen - Uløya - Tromsø. 3 nights on board.

During the day, we will look for whales and in the evening we will sail away from light pollution, so that you as a guest will have the best conditions to experience the northern lights dancing in the sky. All running costs are covered.

Watch killer whales and humpback whales hunt in their natural habitat
The two types of whales that dominate north of Tromsø are killer whales and humpback whales, both of which hunt for herring. The herring stock in the north is at its largest between October and January. Therefore, autumn and winter are usually the best seasons to visit Northern Norway if you want to see whales.

The killer whale is a well-known herd animal that often stays together for several generations. The species is considered the largest in the dolphin family, and often has an impressive and cunning hunting technique.

The humpback whale is also a spectacle, and can live both alone and in flocks. When it eats, it fills the entire gap with fish. Yes, it can actually devour an entire school of fish in one mouthful! The females are the largest, and can measure up to 19 meters and weigh 40 tons.

Experience the magical Northern Lights
If you want to see the Northern Lights, there is no better way to experience it than to join Northern Yachting on a trip.

We take you away from light poolution, so you can enjoy the sight of the phenomena to the fullest.

On board our beautiful catamaran, our guests have the opportunity to lie on the well-known catamaran net, to look straight up at the sky while the northern lights dance in the sky.

In our warm lounge you can warm up, with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Our crew will always make sure that the guests' experience will be the best possible, and they are happy to help take pictures along the way, so that guests get memorable memories sent after the trip.

Safety and comfort
The spacious boat for Northern Yachting gives you a lot of bolt space, both outside and inside. After watching the animals in the water surface in the fresh sea breeze, you can retreat into the warm lounge.

All guests have the opportunity to borrow warm overalls on the coldest days. It is important that you feel comfortable and taken care of.

Animal welfare is also central, and a strict industry standard is followed. It is important for us to ensure that our presence does not affect the animals' natural behavior or safety.

Many experiences on board
When you join Northern Yachting on this trip, you can look forward to a holistic experience. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to fish and enjoy the rich bird life at sea. You get close to the Northern Norwegian nature, and it is therefore recommended to have the camera ready.

On board, tasty meals based on local ingredients will also be served. Maybe it can be tempting with a homemade fish soup of self-caught fish, or a tenderloin of reindeer?

You can also be lucky and get a glimpse of the beautiful northern lights in the evening. The crew will also tell you local stories about the different places we visit. Good company, good food and a safe environment form the framework for this trip.

If you want an unforgettable trip where the experiences are up for grabs, a 4-day trip with Northern Yachting is for you.

Tour dates: 21.09.2021 - 21.03.2022
Duration. 4 days
Number of participants: 4 - 6
Meeting time and place: 10am outside the front door of Scandic Ishavshotel.
Latest booking: 24 hours before departure

We will sail with our boat Arctic Eagle, a 48 foot catamaran sailboat.

Included: meals made by local produce of the season. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening meal. Warm suits and hat.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region


4 days whale and northern lights safari

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