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6. Biycle tour on Romerike, starting from Best Western Plus Oslo Airport

Bycycle tour from the hotels west of Oslo Airport Gardermoen, starting at Best Western Plus Oslo Airport.

The hotels around Gardermoen are a good starting point for bicycling in Nannestad. This easy round trip begins by bicycling past the airport before heading west on pedestrian- and bicycle paths. When you approach the center of Nannestad - which is called Teigebyen - the bicycle path ends, but it is nice to bicycle into the residential area and eventually on the pedestrian path. You will find cafes and restaurants in Teigebyen and the Nannestad village museum may be worth a visit.

The return journey goes through open agricultural landscape with farms on all sides. A part with some hills but on nice dirt roads. At Nannestadveien there will be 1.5 km with a bit of traffic, before you get back on the pedestrian- and bicycle path.

Towards the end of the tour, it is recommended to park the bicycle by the hiking trail just south of the airport and walk into the ravine landscape. This is a hiking trail that gradually descends all the way to the quiet river Sogna at the bottom of the valley. There are several rest areas on the trip and there is also a signposted path to the war memorial. Here in the valley floor, there is a calm of its own - even though you are close to the airport and hear the airplane traffic at regular intervals.

Fact box

Start/end point: Hotels around Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Distance: 21 km bicycling

Time: approx. 2 hours round trip

Total number of altitude meters: approx. 180

Surface: 70% asphalt, 30% gravel

Rating: Easy

Bicycle type: Hybrid bicycle suitable for gravel and electric bicycle

Safety: Low traffic on minor roads, but approx. 1 km with more traffic

Season: April - October


This route was last tested in August 2022. Changes and deviations may occur in service offers, road standards, traffic volumes and traffic patterns.

Link to digital map and navigation:

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


6. Biycle tour on Romerike, starting from Best Western Plus Oslo Airport

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