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A night at the museum

The place for those who want accommodation a bit out of the ordinary. At Singerheimen in Olden, you have the unique opportunity to stay in the authentic summer residence of the American artist and multi-billionaire, W.H. Singer Jr. Live as the nobility did 100 years ago, on the hilltop in Olden. In the living room, you can sink into the sofa that kings and queens have occupied before you, order a drink from the bar, immerse yourself in all the art, or play the original piano owned by Anna Singer. Wake up to the smell of fresh bread and enjoy a tasty breakfast on the glass veranda. The hosts are knowledgeable and are happy to give you a tour of the entire house. Here, you can delve into the captivating history of Singerheimen; a story of love, immense wealth, philanthropy, war and tragedy.

Singerheimen was built in 1921 by the American couple; William H. Singer Jr. and Anna Brugh Singer. They were artistic souls seeking a peaceful place surrounded by beautiful nature, and in 1913, they found their dream location: Olden. William was a landscape painter passionately interested in hunting and fishing. The mountains, fjord, and rivers of Olden were exactly what Singer had been searching for. Singerheimen became the summer residence for William, Anna, their close friend Martin Borgord, and their 30 servants.

The entire property consists of 9 buildings, including a studio, barn, servant's quarters, guesthouse, and a mausoleum. The basement of the main house was used by the servants and is equipped with a kitchen, pantry, laundry, workshop, and dairy. On the first floor, there is an embellished living room, a glass porch, a dining room, and the bedrooms of Anna, William, and Martin (later occupied by Jaap Dooijeward). On the second floor, King Haakon of Norway and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands each had their own rooms. In later times, four bedrooms were added for the nurses at Nordfjordeid Hospital on the same floor. All the bedrooms are now available for guests. Property tours are also free for all overnight guests and offer a journey 100 years back in time.

Singerheimen is a unique place that has been well-preserved over several decades. There have been very few changes, providing guests with an original and authentic experience. This also means sacrificing some modern conveniences such as private bathrooms in the rooms and large double beds. All rooms have shared bathrooms, and most of them have single beds. Singerheimen is not a hotel but a place for those seeking a new and unique experience.

Although the property is just outside the center of Olden, a stone's throw from the cruise pier, and a short drive from the world-famous Briksdal Glacier and Loen Skylift, Singerheimen is its own little bubble with its unique history. The property of William and Anna on the hilltop in Olden still fulfills its original purpose: providing a break from the otherwise bustling world. It offers a stay in peace and quiet with beautiful surroundings.

Singerheimen is a hidden gem that should be experienced. The hosts recommend taking more than one night at this unique guesthouse. Welcome!

Source: Nordfjord


A night at the museum

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