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Aarnes Cafeteria

Aarnes Cafeteria in Gvarv with its beautiful view of Norsjø and apple orchards. A place where new ideas and Norwegian homemade traditional food meet.

"Where new ideas and traditional Norwegian comes together"
Since the beginning in 1973, we have had a passion for homemade food with roots in Norwegian traditions. We wish to show that traditional food can be both inventive and exiting, and not the least, it should be easy and good value to choose good quality food.

Aarnes Kafeteria is situated along RV 36 between Ulefoss and Gvarv, and has a well sheltered patio, and beautiful views over Norsjø and Sauherads fruit orchids. It’s easy to find Aarnes Kafeteria, and it’s plenty of parking space for cars and bigger vehicles. 

The kafeteria is airy with high ceiling, and full of natural light. It has room for up to 180 people, and has a friendly atmosphere with tables in different sizes for small and bigger groups of people.

In addition, Aarnes Kafeteria also has its own catering business, with premises for meetings and banquets. Aarnes Kafeteria caters to companies, arrangements and private customers, and offers both ready to order menus and tailoring. We have capacity to serve over 3000 persons, and can help you with planning, serving and everything else around your event, in addition to fantastic food. Please contact Aarnes Kafeteria for more information.

Adapted for guests with disabilities
At Aarnes Cafeteria, it is arranged for wheelchair access at street level and the opportunity to drop off right outside the front door. There is an electric door opener on the front door and a HC toilet in the restaurant. The function room in the basement has a separate entrance which is also suitable for wheelchairs in addition to separate HC toilets. 

Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Aarnes Cafeteria

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