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Abanti is one of the few sami fashion designers in Norway. You will find the authentic, unique and special sami design shop in Storgata 57.

At Abanti you can explore how the sami traditional culture and livingway meet the modern world in design. The designer Anne Berit Anti started her carreer while migrating reindeers from the inland to the coast. In white winterlandscape she suddenly saw dresses shaped by the nature. After that euphoric, spiritual and exiting experience she decided to be a designer. In 2011, she graduated from Oslo art school. Now she is in Tromsø. At Abanti you will find high quality sami design in merinowool and leather. You will also find smaller travelgifts designed by other sami designers. If you want an uniqe and speciel travel memory you don't find everywhere, then visit Abanti. You will problably meet the designer herself, working on some of her costumeprojects.

Source: Visit Tromsø-Region



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