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Adventure path to Elgåsen

This is a family-friendly hiking trail that is around 500 meters long and follows the small stream upwards in the terrain.

An activity for the whole family
The "adventure trail" is a trail made for families with children in the age group 3-11 years. The adventure trail is located just east of Nakksjø station, at the county road 3310 between Drangedal and Lunde

About the Adventure Trail
The trail is approx. 500 meters long and has 20 exciting records with activities, tasks and experiences along the way. Without revealing too much of the content, participants are challenged to sharpen their senses, look for birds, animals and insects along the historic timber trail that winds its way up between streams, pine forests and marshes.

The trail has two adapted picnic areas with benches along the way.

Built by Australian exchange student.
The trail was made by the Australian exchange student Daniel Lawrence in 2020. He was fascinated by Norwegian nature and wanted to create a family-friendly adventure trail where children and young people could experience real Telemark nature. In English, the trail is called "The happy moose adventure trail".

Daniel has returned to Australia, but he has made a special task at the "Daniel's stairs" just below Elgåsen. Do you take the challenge?

Use of the trail
This nice free offer is available to everyone and does not require any special equipment, with the exception of good shoes. The trail is open all year round.

Turn off from county road 3310 to Nakksjø railway station. From here you drive just over a kilometer along the forest road towards Høidalen. The road to the car park is well marked.

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Source: Telemarkreiser AL


Adventure path to Elgåsen

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