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Airboarding in Dagali Fjellpark

  • Perstulvegen 100, Hol
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Dagali Fjellpark is one of very few places in Norway that offers airboard, a controllable air mattress for use on snow. The airboard has fins/ridges on the underside and you control it with your body weight. The ski lift is authorized for airboard, so you can take the lift to the top and run down the alpine slopes.

You lie on your stomach with your nose first, just a few centimeters above the snow, which get you an insane sense of speed down the slopes. You usually begin in the slack area in the lower part of the center, before you go all the way to the top. Dagali Fjellpark has a separate slope for airboard, 1.5 km long.

Airboard is an exciting activity and it is equally suitable for experienced skiers as those who have never been on skis before.

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1) What is airboarding?

Airboard is a fairly new winter sport that uses an inflatable board, an "air mattress", with fins/ridges on the underside. The board has two handles on the side that you are holding. The airboard is made from a lightweight and soft plastic material that minimizes the risk of injury, it has no sharp steel edges or hard parts.

2) How do you control it?

You lie on your stomach with your head first and steer the board using your body weight. To slow down or stop or you can use your legs for braking. Most beginners use their feet a lot as it gives better sense of control and lower speed, while the advanced borders keep their feet in the air at all times.

3) How can they be used?

Airboard has a large contact surface against the snow and can therefore be used both in groomed ski slopes and off piste. For use in ski lifts a special approval of the lift is required. (Our elevator is approved for airboard). There are special airboards adapted for off-piste skiing. An airboard takes up little space when not inflated and can easily be slipped into a backpack for hiking to mountain peaks and inaccessible terrain.

4) Is it hard to learn?

Like so much else, it is easy to learn the basic techniques of airboard, while it requires a lot of practice to have full control at high speeds. One should therefore start in the relatively gentle slopes and go over to steeper slopes gradually.

5) How fast is an airboard?

Experienced practitioners can reach speeds of 100 km/h, world record airboard was measured at 141.97 km/h in Les Arcs 2005. The record in our slope is 85 km/h.

6) Where can I try airboarding?

Airboard is an activity with a growing audience specifically conducted in the Alps and USA /Canada. In Scandinavia, try airboard here in Dagali Fjellpark or Vierli, Lillehammer, and Åre, Sweden.

7) What equipment do you need?

Helmets, alpine goggles and proper winter clothing and boots are required. Active practitioners use their own airboard suits that are especially durable and padded down the legs from the knees.

8) Who is it for?

Although you can run really fast airboard is a great activity for both experienced skiers and those who have never seen snow before. You start in your own pace and learn the technique. If you feel that you loose control you can just get off the board to stop.

9) Do people compete in airboarding?

Yes, competitions are held in airboard boardercross and speed-racing.

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  • 12 years


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