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Aksla Viewpoint

Enjoy the wonderful view or take a scroll along the paths and outdoor leasure areas on town mountain Aksla, in Ålesund. A good place to start would be the 418 steps from the Town Park.

In Ålesund you can visit the Town Mountain and viewpoint Aksla. From this location there is a panoramic view of the archipelago, the beautiful town centre, and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps. You can also spend time there walking all the wonderfully laid out paths and use the many recreational areas on the mountain, like Rundskue.

Walk the 418 steps up from the Town Park, go there by car or take a round trip by bus or city train to Fjellstua. The viewpoint Fjellstua, which is situated at the top, has got an outdoor restaurant, café, and a platform to enjoy the view. For those who would love a walk on the mountain an alternative route back in town will be through Vannspringdalen.

Om sommeren er det geiter på fjellbeite på Aksla. Geitene er tamme, men vis hensyn!

Last updated: 09/12/2023

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Aksla Viewpoint

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