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Aktiv i Lom | Glacier walking on Bøverbreen

Explore the blue ice and the ice tunnels- join Aktiv i Lom for a glacier hike in beautiful Jotunheimen!

A day on the blue ice walking on the glacier may be a memory for life. Glacier hiking in Jotunheimen is not necessarily very hard or demanding special skills. We can plan your trip according to customer level, skills and interests.

Lom and Jotunheimen has many glaciers of different shapes and availability. Ranging from almost flat to steep and towering, crevassed  or smoothlike glaciers. 

During a glacier blueice trekking, you will have a great experience hiking at ice while learning more about how the landscape was formed by the ice. Maybe you want to look at the crevasses, icetowers and caves, or want to get close to the blue ice?

Aktiv i Lom arrange tours primarily on Bøverbreen which is a nice glacier arm of Smørstabbreen, located right in the heart of Jotunheimen.

Source: Visit Jotunheimen AS


Aktiv i Lom | Glacier walking on Bøverbreen

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