Aktiv i Lom | Lom Activity Park

Lom activity park in Lom National Park Village. Climbing tower, high rope park, gyro trampolines, pedal gocart course, pumptrack course and 9-hole miniature golf course. 

Lom activitypark is right in the center of Lom next to Sport 1. We have assembled fun activities for children, youth and the rest of the family. In the activity park you will find a fantastic climbing tower, high rope park, gyro trampoline, pedal gocart course, pumptrack course and 9-hole miniature golf course.

In addition to this you can also rent kayak or cano.The mini golf course is suitable for the entire family. The Gyrotrampolines are mostly popular to the youngest kids, but is also suitable to older or adults.

The climbing tower is 16,5 meters high offering 8 different climbing challenges for all ages. The climbing tower also offer a spectacular jump platform from the top; Lomsbykset! The high rope park has two courses; one for the smaller kids, and one for older children and adults. There is also a net-course where children from the age of two can test their climbing skills.

Outside the park area there are also regular trampolines and skateramp. You can also rent disks for diskgolfing, the course is situated in Bøverdalen, aprox. 15 km from Fossbergom, municipal centre of Lom.

Our guides know a lot about activities in Lom and Jotunheimen, and we will be happy to help making your stay in our area be an even better experience both in regards to activities, tours,food and accommodation.

Welcome to Aktiv i Lom!

Last updated: 06/22/2023

Source: Visit Jotunheimen AS

Aktiv i Lom | Lom Activity Park

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