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Alpaca hiking

Alpaca hiking is a unique experience in beautiful surroundings, suitable for the whole family. You get to meet, handle and have the company of your very own alpaca – through the fields and forest around Østre Kjærnes farm in Våler, a 20 minutes car drive from the city of Moss. The whole alpaca experience takes about 90 minutes. Everyone over the age of 12 years can take care of their own alpaca during this guided tour.  Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to feed your alpaca with snacks - a very popular activity among both alpacas and visitors! You will be taught what alpacas are, their origin, their history and of course why we have alpacas today and what we use them for.

We recommend that you book an alpaca hike well in advance (preferably more 2 weeks in advance) as this is a very popular activity.

Price: 395 NOK per person (90 minutes and your own alpaca

Source: VisitMOSS AS


Alpaca hiking

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