Alpine Ski Touring Course - Sognefjord

Do you lack experience in alpine ski touring, avalanche and snow stability evaluation? Join BreogFjell course in alpine ski touring.

We will provide you with basic knowledge and skills that makes you capable of doing your own planning and evaluations during mountain hikes in the winter. The main topics are: equipment evaluation, route planning, navigation, ski technique (up and down). Last but not least, we will focus on avalanche theory. This is a practical course and we will be skiing in the mountains every day! The course begins Friday morning and ends Sunday.  

Our goal is provide a positive experience with alpine ski touring. The course itself shall provide a basic introduction to all the relevant elements related to alpine ski touring. We shall provide knowledge about different types of equipment, different skiing techniques, and general safety in the mountains. Avalanche awareness is an important part of the course. At the end of this course you should be able to spot terrain prone to avalanche, utilize the local avalanche forecast, how to be safe both during the ascent and the decent and finally you should have some knowledge about avalanche rescue in practice. For most of the course we will stay outside in the mountains, but it does not neccesarily mean that we will get to the summit every day.

Our goal is therefore to make you aware of all factors influencing the snow stability, and how you can travel as safe as possible within avalanche terrain. When finishing an avalanche course, you will be able to identify different snow types and their implication for snow stability. You will be able to analyse the terrain and identify both safe and unsafe areas for your ascent and decent. After the course, you should be confident in using an avalanche beacon during practical avalanche rescue. We aim for a practical approach, staying outside in relevant areas most of the day.


Sognal is the perfect location for a course in alpine ski touring. Its no coincidence that Breogfjell have the main office in Sogndal, as it offers plenty of ski touring options on all levels, and usually there is powder snow. The town is located along the inner part of the Sognefjord, and you can travel here by car (4 hours from Bergen, 6 from Oslo), bus or a flight.

Day 1

We meet up in the evening at 19:00. Information about location and timing will be provided up front on e-mail. In the evening we will have some discussion about avalanche awareness, current conditions, and where to go skiing the next day.

Day 2

Alpine ski touring in Sogndalsdalen. We will also focus on avalanche rescue training and practical use of avalanche beacons.

Day 3

Alpine ski touring in Sogndalsdalen or Fjærland.

Hot Topics

Your local guide (IVBV/UIAGM or with NF certification) will provide you with knowledge about the following topics: The planning phase of the trip, practical and theoretical knowledge about equipment, skiing technique, alpine navigation, avalanche theory, snow stability evaluation and avalanche rescue training.

Missing backcountry equipment? You can rent all required equipment from us. Either you are an experienced backcountry enthusiast or a beginner; our tours are suitable for both!

Booking: Phone: +47 41 14 60 70 e-mail: post@breogfjell  

Last updated: 09/08/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Alpine Ski Touring Course - Sognefjord

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