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Alstadhaug church

Alstadhaug Church - one of the five medieval churches in Innherred!

Alstadhaug church is the main church in Skogn Parish in Levanger municipality.
The church is built in stone in the late 1100s, during the transition between the Roman and the Gothic period.

During the so-called pagan times, both the council and the county seat were probably situated where Alstadhaug church is today. The enormous burial mound "Olvishaugen" is inside the church yard. Alvi or Ølvi is a chief name meaning the almighty. The grounds were probably concecrated as a church around year 1000.

The nave and choir in Alstad church was built around 1160-70. In 1250, the church added an octagonal extension, Oktagonen - probably with inspiration from the cathedral in Nidaros. Only the cathedral and Alstadhaug church have this. The church has been altered many times, but inside there are remains of chalk paintings from the 1200s, with known biblical motives. The sacristy is from around 1500, also known as the Maria Chapel.
The christening house was added approx. 1640, while the weapons house dates from around 1700. The tower is from 1788. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and is therefore Peter's basilica in Skogn. A relic of Peter, a part of his finger, has been found hidden in the old stone altar in the octagon.

Road description:
Follow signs Alstadhaug from E6 Gråmyra, south of Levanger.

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Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Alstadhaug church

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