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Alvanuten, day-trip cabin in Tysvær

The day-trip cabin in Tysvær is located on Alvanuten, the 224-metre-high hill just north of the centre of Aksdal.

There are good parking options in Aksdal if you want to walk up to the day-trip cabin on Alvanuten. You can park beside Tysværtunet kulturhus, at Aksdal Senter or in the car park before the start of the E134 road. The walk is around 1.5 kilometres each way, and takes you up 179 metres. You start in the centre of Aksdal and follow the Aksdalsvegen road, turn left and then follow the Alvanutvegen road to the end of the road, and then continue on the signposted path towards Alvanuten/Valhest. When the path splits, you follow the path that goes west. The path can sometimes be wet and slippery, so good Gore-Tex shoes are recommended.

The path to the day-trip cabin is not universally designed, and doesn’t have a toilet. You can’t stay overnight in the day-trip cabin, but you can bring firewood if you would like to light the cabin’s wood-burning stove. The walk up to the cabin on Alvanuten is suitable for all age groups.

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Alvanuten, day-trip cabin in Tysvær

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