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Arctic Evening Cruise

Go on an unforgettable adventure from Bodø aboard Brim Explorer’s modern hybrid-electric catamaran. This three-hour evening cruise takes you past either Saltstraumen or Landegode, offering a unique experience of the midnight sun or the magical Arctic light.

As the sun dips towards the horizon, you will glide effortlessly through glassy waters, surrounded by the rugged landscape that characterizes Northern Norway. The modern catamaran provides a comfortable and eco-friendly way to witness this natural wonder.

Our English-speaking guide will illuminate the secrets behind the midnight sun and the Arctic twilight. Learn about the unique natural wonders and fascinating folklore of this area. The guide’s expert commentary will enrich your experience, whether you are a seasoned explorer or visiting for the first time.

With Brim Explorer, you also contribute to preserving Norway’s pristine nature through our commitment to sustainable tourism. Our eco-friendly vessel ensures you can enjoy the beauty without harming the environment.

Source: Visit Bodö


Arctic Evening Cruise

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