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Arctic Kids Polar Night Skiing

Have you ever had the thrill of skiing in the darkness of the Arctic? For those living north of the Arctic Circle, the dark is an integral part of daily life. Let the kids experience the magic of arctic skiing at night, under the guidance of an experienced instructor and with the aid of a headlamp. Our ski areas are carefully chosen to match the children's skill levels, allowing them to feel a sense of mastery and excitement as they explore the enchanting winter landscape. Don't miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience - book your adventure today!


2 hours including a break



  • NOK 295 per child
  • Surcharge for lift pass: NOK 200 for day pass - can be purchased in our skishop
  • Ski rental supplement: NOK 150 per child per day (applies to those who have booked the freeride adventure)


  • All children who participates must be independent on skis and must have good experience with lifts and skiing in groomed slopes.
  • Meeting place: Outside the entrance to the Skishop
  • The Skishop is open and it is possible to purchase hot and cold drinks in addition to snacks

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Narvik AS

Arctic Kids Polar Night Skiing

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