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Arctic Route 2024 - Travel Pass - Flexible travel


In summer 2024, travel unlimited within Northern Norway during your Arctic Summer holiday with Arctic Route buses and connected ferries. Pay once, travel a lot!

3 different options: (2024)

  • 4 days: NOK 2,790
  • 7 days: NOK 4,590
  • 10 days: NOK 5,690

Child (4-15) 50% discount / ( Child (0-3) Free (please reserve ticket)

What is the Summer Arctic Route Travel Pass? The Arctic Route Travel pass is a virtual card that allows you to use the Arctic Route summer buses and connected ferries within a specific period: 4, 7, or 10 days.

With the multi-day travel pass, you can save money as you can use the Arctic Route as many times as you want along all possible routes, navigating you around Northern Norway during the Arctic summer.

The Travel Pass is valid on the Tromsø – Lofoten and Narvik – Lofoten routes. The following ferries are within your travel pass for pedestrian access: Brensholmen – Botnhamn / Grylllefjord – Andenes / Melbu – Fiskebol. Be creative!

What is included in the Travel Pass? The purchase of the travel pass gives you a unique and personal code, valid for a specific period on our two Arctic Route summer routes and connected ferries. This code will deduct any future purchase price to zero. Pay once, and travel a lot!

How to buy the Travel Pass? The Arctic Route Travel pass is only available online at Best Arctic/Arctic Route. Choose your first day of traveling in the calendar during your purchase. Easy and quick.

NOTICE: the end date in the calendar (start date + 1 day) during your purchase, is not indicating the end date of your travel pass – this is purely a technical set-up during the buying process and can be ignored.

Where can I find the Travel Passcode? Within 24 hours after your purchase, you will receive your personal and unique code via your email address.

Valid duration of the Travel Pass? The Travel Pass is activated from 00:01 on the activation date until 23:59 on the expiration date.

When to reserve your spot on the bus? Reserve a spot on the bus, whenever you have made your holiday plan and schedule. Even just before departure. Though remember to reserve your spot online before hopping on the bus by ‘buying’ the actual route you will travel via our booking widget, so we keep a great seat for you on our bus.

How to use the travel passcode? During the purchase of the chosen route(s), fill in the unique and personal travel pass code, which will deduct the full price of the chosen route to NOK 0. Find the full instructions on your ticket ‘View ticket’.

Can we validate? When hopping on the bus, keep your travel pass purchase document and your route purchase confirmation document, and your ID-card ready for the driver to validate.

Buying travel passes for more than 1 guest? That is possible. During your purchase, fill in the names of all your co-travelers. When reserving the actual tickets, use the same names during the purchase of the route ticket. Easy as that!

How to activate your travel pass? During your purchase, fill in the date of your first travel journey with Arctic Route. This will be the start date of your travel period. Though, you can change that date, before the activation, by contacting Best Arctic. Keep your full flexibility.

Traveling with big luggage?Each passenger may bring one item of easy-to-manage hand luggage, which must fit under the seat or in the overhead rack, as well as an item no larger than height + length + width = 200 cm/23 kg.We want to support you in getting your sports gear with you, such as a surfboard, or bicycle, … so you can maximize your holiday. To ensure the bus caters to enough storage space, contact us for your request via

Your benefits with the unique Arctic Route Summer Travel pass:

Here’s what you get with your all-in-one ticket:

-       ticket reservation

-       unlimited travel by bus and ferry

-       full flexibility in routes and frequency

-       easy bus spot reservation

-       travel around with our visible Arctic Route buses

-       online support by our local and knowledgeable support team


  • +47 953 03 888 / (no emergency available via Messenger/Instagram or other channels)

Read the Terms & Conditions here.

Source: Destination Lofoten


Arctic Route 2024 - Travel Pass - Flexible travel


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